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Systems Administration - Module Overview

  • Information of company, divisions, and locations

Software allows multi-company and multi-division setup. Further, there can be multiple locations like    manufacturing plants, marketing offices,warehouses,and inventory stores within a lant.Accordingly,    related options allow setup of necessary information.

  • Setting up of 'Periods' for business transactions

This allows setting up ‘Periods’ for various business transactions as date ranges. It is thus possible    to compartment transactions belonging to individual periods. Access can be controlled for    transactions period-wise.

  • Modules, menu master, and menu control

The menu master contains ‘Module Wise’ information of menu options that are available to    users.Lot of information is related to every menu option that decides access and behavior of the    option.

  • Setup of different transactions, their types, and their segregation

Document setup allows setting up of various business transactions, their types, control of serial    numbering, and their relationships.

  • User management and access control

It allows creation of users, their association with functional roles, and control of their group level    and individual access to various system options. It also gives facility to the administrator for    assigning new password to a user.

  • Configuration of systems parameters

The parameter setup screen allows definition of certain important parameters that control behavior    of the system while executing transactions. There is also report available on the information.

  • Exchange of data with other data sources and with web

The comprehensive data transfer utility allows complete or incremental transfer of data across    databases. This is particularly useful for initial data creation, and for exchange of data across    multipledata locations.

  • Database and data dictionary information – Extended Data Dictionary (EDD)

This is a facility giving details of data dictionary. It gives purpose, meaning, validation, and technical    information of all tables and columns. The information is used for on-line help to users. It is also    useful for writing queries on the database using data mining tool.

  • Workbench

Workbench gives key information for important business entities. They can be an account, a    machine, a customer, a supplier etc. Setup gives facility to administrator to define and relate data    queries to specific entities. Users can see answers to the queries on workbench.

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