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Payroll - Module Overview

The payroll module offers following functionality to users

  • Definition of a multi-location setup for employees with facility of location-wise selective payroll processing and reporting. System    allows definition of specific ‘periods of salary’ for processing and other time-office related information as shifts, holidays,‘Off’, and    leave structure of employees.
  • Definition of employee departments, categories, grades, designations, salary structure, and method of calculation. Salary structure    covers for heads of earning, deduction, and cost to company (CTC). Also definition of ‘Employee Master’ holding personnel and    payroll related information of all employees.
  • Specification of perks, benefits, and reimbursements that are paid against voucher with facility to    impose ‘Limits’ and reporting of ‘Balance’.
  • Time office – in and out entry that also can have swap card interface. In case of swap card, data can    be directly picked up to Oracle database.
  • Generation of shift schedule considering weekly rotational duties and variable weekly off.
  • Facility for on line application for leave, leave accounting, recording of outstation duties and    temporary duties on ‘Gate Pass’. There can be adjustments and corrections in the date related to   leave, time, and overtime.
  • Calculation of salary and wages. The calculation can be made for a specific category or a specific    location and facility of salary transfer to bank of employee. System facilitates storing of salary    history and reporting on that.
  • Accounting of loans and advances and deductions against them. The loans may be by company  it self or availed from financial institutions. There is a seamless integration with finance module for loan and advance deduction.
  • Calculation of arrears, bonus, gratuity, annual payments, retirement, termination etc. The arrears    are also calculated for leaves sanctioned at a later date.Calculation and reporting related to    provident fund, insurance, and taxes. The process covers for PF, FPF, ESIC, PT, IT and also    generates all thestandard formats as prescribed by respective departments for easy submission.  The income-taxrelated procedure covers calculation of provisional and final income-tax liability,    recording of investments, deduction of TDS, ‘Scheduling’ of 'Deduction’, and generations of reports    for filing of IT returns – also including printing of FORM 16 for employees.
  • Generation of monthly salary JV, bank vouchers, and loan payment vouchers. Calculation of cost to company (CTC), and estimation of payroll budgets Generation and printing of standard letters to    employees.This covers letters like appointment, joining, confirmation and soon.

Payroll - Flow Diagram


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