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Module Overview and Flow – Materials Management - I

The materials module offers following functionality to users for material requirement planning, purchase, and inward inspection

  • Definition of a multi-location setup for inventories. There can be more than one physical or logical location where material can be stocked. This covers for all types of material stores, warehouses, stock in transit and so on.
  • Material requirement planning depending upon inventory replenishment policy. Bill of material (BOM) base for direct raw material, reorder level base for consumables and indirect materials, and indent (requisition) based for irregular items.
  • Provision for non-coded items allowing transactions (ordering, receipt, issue and billpassing) for non-inventory items.
  • Grouping and sub-grouping of material in various ways giving selective reporting and summary reporting.
  • Facility to float enquiry, receive quotations, compare quotations, select vendor, view vendor history, view purchase history, and place a purchase order.
  • Facility to make all routine commercial and stock transaction related to materials management. The documents can be printed and e-mailed as well.
  • Purchase and complete cycle of purchase – receipt – inspection – bill passing for capital items, services, transportation, and for works contracts. Receipt can be of goods or of services.
  • Facility to amend, cancel, and short close orders and schedules.
  • Separate definition of ‘periods of delivery schedule’ and special interface to specify ‘schedule of delivery’.
  • Facility to specify inspection parameters and norms of inspection for items. Inspection is done against norms where actual values of parameters are recorded. Material is accepted, rejected, or accepted under deviation. Rejection can be tagged with reason – giving reason-wise rejection analysis.

Materials Management – I - Flow Diagram

Material requirement planning, purchase, and inward inspection



Module Overview and Flow – Materials Management - II

The materials module offers following functionality to users for inventory management,subcontracting, and bill passing

  • Work-order based issue system giving control on consumption and variance analysis.
  • Finished goods stock transfer and inspection of finished goods, with registers, ledgers and valuation.
  • On line stock positions with valuation. Stock reports as ledgers, movement analysis,stock aging,
  • Facility to keep batch-wise stock, maintain expiry date, and date of re-inspection.Integration with excise, octroi.
  • Control of flow of material with subcontractors. This is based on subcontractor’s bill of material (SBOM). Purchase order gives details of material to be sent. The SBOM defines basis for material accounting. This has provision for standard rejection, and standard scrap. This gives complete material accounting of the subcontractor.
  • On-line bill passing based on purchase order and accepted material. Excise accounting is completely integrated with financial accounting to avoid reconciliation problems.
  • Material valuation – ‘FIFO’, ‘cumulative monthly weighted average’, and ‘cumulative yearly weighted average’ are the methods supported for valuation. User can process in more than one ways to get reporting.
  • Integration of material consumption with costing

Materials Management - II - Flow Diagram

Inventory management, subcontracting, and bill passing


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