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Human Resource Management- Module Overview

HR module is an entry-level simple module covering records of personnel information, training, performance, and standard correspondence.
HR module offers following functionality

  • Personal information of employees – this covers for individual skill sets (technical as well as non-technical), past performance information, professional and academic background – with the organization as well as prior to that, medical information, and any other data that the company may find of relevance.
  • Identification and record of training requirements of individuals, update on availability of training resources, planning for training activity in line with organization’s needs, maintenance of training history, and reporting based on that.
  • Assessment of employee performance and appraisal. The performance may be related to ‘goals’ or ‘objectives’. Also there can be standard performance parameters against which employee can be assessed and points on a scale may be given. This is simple form based system for recording and reporting purpose and does NOT actually contribute to assessment.
  • Standard letters to employees – a number of standard letters can be designed and printed for the employees.

Database of information of:
- Job seekers
- Student trainees
- Service providers for training and for other HR activities


Human Resource Management - Flow Diagram

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