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  • On line processing of transactions that are stored on a central integrated database ensures that    every transaction entered immediately effect all the related records. Thus an entry of a Goods    Receipt Note will immediately increase stock at stores, reduce pending purchase orders,and affect    material requirement planning, and will be reflected in all related reports in a consistent manner.
  • Multilevel authorization and access control ensures that every person is restricted by his predefined    set of rights and is restricted by the system from doing anything for which he is not    authorized.Built in operational controls and business rules make the system follows a set of rules.
  • Drill-down facilities allow users to access ‘Related’ data with few clicks. Query facilities allow quick    ‘Mining’ or digging up of data from the central database.
  • Ready formats for submission to authorities and auditors give printing of all documents and    statutory reports like tax returns, excise registers and so on as required by various authorities.    System also facilitates electronic filing.
  • Audit trails ensure logging of changes in data.

Integrated workflow and alert mechanism

Integrated workflow through central task console tracks and manages the ‘Moving traffic of tasks’. It proactively prompts users to complete tasks like approval and authentication. It also alerts users on ‘Preset events’. The task management is user configurable. Time based controls allow automatic movement based on time. Finally, tasks, their sequence, business rules, alerts, and time-based controls all are synchronized to make the system ‘Live’ in execution. Below are some examples that can be ‘Set’:

  • Don’t allow sanction to a leave application if a task is pending with an employee.

  • Move task to senior manager if not completed within 48 hours in normal course.

  • Post alert to the indenting person on receipt of the indented material by stores.

  • Do not allow user to proceed beyond login if a critical task is pending for him.
  • Set ‘Legal Calendar’ to generate tasks for statutory submissions on a particular day every month.

  • Post alert on stock level of a critical item going low OR on a purchase order raised for an item readily    in stock.

  • Generate task for payment towards advance against purchase order. Accept a sales order only if  'Contribution' as derived from standard costing is not below acceptable level.
  • Create tasks for transaction execution to make GRN after entry at gate, and to make inspection    report after making of GRN.

Reporting on tasks gives user-wise pending and overdue tasks, user-wise and flow-wise average time of execution, critical tasks in transit etc. Tasks can be closed, cancelled, and transferred to other user too. The workflow offers immense benefits to the organization to establish impersonal reminder and follow-up mechanism that ensures completion of tasks in time. It also reduces average time of business cycles dramatically.

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